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Happy days to the Travelers from the UAE to Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Interior Ministry has announced that UAE nationals will be allowed to enter the country from May 30, 2021. Travel is always a human need. The journey from UAE to Saudi Arabia has been going smoothly for ages. It can be for work or business or treatment, education, tourism, or pilgrimage. The above travelers are the holders of Saudi employment visas or Saudi Business and Visit visas or Saudi tourist visas or Saudi student visas or Saudi pilgrimage visas. Visitors to Saudi Arabia have many historical and beautiful places to visit Saudi Arabia.The capital, Riyadh, is home to several tourist attractions, including the Riyadh National Museum, Khasr Masmak, Souk Dil, Diriya, and Wadi Hanifa. The Masmak Fort, part of the King Abdulaziz Historical Center, and the Al Zubaih House in the Shahara, Riyadh, are Riyadh's historic forts with their unique architectural masterpieces. A major attraction in Jeddah, in western Saudi Arabia, is the King Fahd Fountain, the world's largest artificial fountain located on the Red Sea coast. The Masjid al-Haram and the Masjid al-Nabawi, the Holy Harams of Islam, are in Saudi Arabia, and the final resting place of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is in Madeena, Saudi Arabia. Najran is a historical site that houses relics of royal pride and Islamic archaeological collections. The main attractions of the place are the rural markets, handicrafts, the tied up Lake of Wadi Nadal, and the landmarks of the ancient culture of Saudi Arabia. The Jabal Al Hara Caves near the town of Al Hasa in the Eastern Province is one of the major tourist attractions. Jebel Al Hara is a hill located at an elevation of 224 m above sea level. To the east of this is the main entrance to the caves. The caves are 28 corridors which are very wide and 1.5 km long. Another attraction for tourists is Madain Salih which is a mountain range located 300 km north of Madinah, 22 km from the city of Al Ula. This is the wonder of rock mining. At a distance of 13.5 km, there are 132 rock formations, both large and small. This area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Madain Salih is one of the first places in Saudi Arabia to be inscribed on the World Heritage List. Those who visit Saudi Arabia should visit this area. Rub'al Khali is an adventure tourism destination located in the world's largest sandy desert, starting from Najran in Saudi Arabia. In addition to Saudi Arabia, the Rubal Khali Desert covers an area of 650,000 square kilometers in Oman, the UAE, and Yemen. The desert stretches for thousands of kilometers. The region experiences temperatures of 56 degrees Celsius during the summer months of June-July and minus 12 degrees Celsius during the winters. Adjacent to Rubul Khali is the most populous border on the Saudi-Yemeni border. Taif Flower Fair is one of the most popular rose flower festivals in Saudi Arabia. It is organized by the Saudi Tourism Department in Taif. Many companies and rose growers are participating in the fair, which is being held at the King Faisal Model Garden in Taif. A large floral arrangement under Taif Municipality. A variety of spices and other products will be on display from the rose. The fair also features traditional food stalls, handicraft stall stalls, cultural events, art competitions, fireworks displays, and floral photo exhibitions. It is estimated that there are about 760 rose farms spread over 1672 acres in different parts of Ta'if. According to the latest figures from the Department of Tourism, the farm has more than 7, 83,000 rose plants. Taif produces tons of roses every year. Harvesting lasts 40-60 days. Some companies make a variety of products from roses. At the fair, a floral photo exhibition featuring photos of a variety of flowers taken by renowned photographers is organized here. This is a must-visit for Saudi travelers. With the onset of summer in Saudi Arabia, domestic tourists are flocking to the resorts. During this time many festivals are organized in the country for the tourists. As part of this, 18 summer festivals are taking place in different parts of Saudi Arabia. Summer festivals are festivals that take place in different parts of the country, including entertainment, sports, cultural events and traditional art forms. The dazzling view of sunset drenches in golden color the Al-Wajh coastal area of the Red Sea in the northern Tabuk region. Located about 325 Kilometers south of Tabuk, Al-Wajh is one of the most mesmerizing cities on the Red Sea coast with pristine beaches and captivating coral reefs.The city is a favourite destination for divers Interested in exploring the depth of the sea as well as fishermen looking for lobsters, for which Al-Wajh is famous. Saudi Arabia is gearing up to become the most important tourist destination in the Arab world. Saudi Arabia sees tourism development as one of the most important events. Many large-scale tourism development projects are under construction. Currently, tourism is the second-largest employment sector in the country. Tourism currently accounts for 26% of Saudi Arabia's domestic employment market. Saudi tourists mostly rely on foreign countries. However, millions of people attend tourism festivals in different parts of the country during the summer. Saudi Arabia has imposed a temporary ban on non-national travel from the UAE to Saudi Arabia from February 2021 amid an increase in COVID-19 cases. The temporary travel ban for citizens of the UK, UAE, US, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, France and Japan has now been lifted.The ban on other countries with temporary travel bans has not been lifted The Saudi Interior Ministry has announced that UAE nationals will be allowed to enter the country from May 30, 2021. The Kingdom authorities will not require non – Saudi nationals to undergo one week of quarantine if they have received two full doses of a government-approved COVID-19 vaccination or have recovered from COVID-19 within the last six months. Now the travelers who hold valid Saudi exit and entry visas, Saudi Work Visas, or Saudi residency Visas, except travelers with Saudi tourist visas, can happily continue their journey from UAE to Saudi Arabia. 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