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Good news for Saudi expats. Qatar grants on-arrival visas

The decision to issue an on-arrival visa in Qatar will also bring much relief to expatriates waiting to return to Saudi Arabia. The decision of the Maldives to issue tourist visas from the 15th of this month will also be very useful for travel to Saudi Arabia. Currently, many people in the country can reach Saudi Arabia at a low cost through this route. Only ticket prices and hotel expenses in Qatar will be charged. The fact that there is no special fee for a visa is also a great blessing. Airfare from Qatar to Saudi Arabia is also cheaper. At present, it costs over Rs 2 lakh to reach Saudi Arabia through other countries. This can be reduced to less than one lakh. Qatar's new travel policy came into effect on Monday. This includes an agreement to allow on-arrival travel for Indians. According to tourism sources, permission has been sought from government agencies in this regard. However, it is not yet clear when it will be allowed. In Qatar, the visa is valid for one month. It can also be renewed for free for one month if required. Only those who have received two doses of the Qatar-approved vaccine can enter Qatar without the quarantine. The second dose should be taken 14 days after vaccination. The fact that there is no quarantine in Qatar and there are a lot of flights from there to Saudi Arabia will be a great relief to the expatriates waiting to reach Saudi Arabia. Passport valid for not less than six months, return air ticket, hotel booking for as many days as visiting Qatar, Certificate of Acceptance of both doses of Covid Wax approved by the Ministry of Health and covid RTPCR Negative Test result are mandatory. Must be 14 days after receiving the second dose of the vaccine. Travel can be done by registering on Qatar's Ihtharis website (https://www.ehteraz.gov.qa) 12 hours prior to departure and obtaining a travel permit. Many expatriates are expected to reach Saudi Arabia via Qatar and the Maldives in the coming days. Travel agencies have started booking for this. Many have changed their vacations and are now living in Saudi Arabia as it is difficult to return. Once the Qatar-Maldives route opens, they will be able to go on vacation and return to their homeland.